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— Joint Venture Nibor – Introduction —

The Name of Nibor

Nibor is a pseudonym of a group of artists creating Bryce artwork in the Round-Robin manner (hence niboR <-). One artist starts an artwork and passes it on to the next for improvements. The artwork is then passed on to the next until it reaches the originating artist. This concludes one round. There may be many rounds. The artists communicate with each other and mutually agree when the artwork is considered ripe for publication.

Nibor started in May 2005 and consists of the following artists in order of joining:
David Brinnen, Mablethorpe, UK; Initiator (May 2005)
Horo, (Hans-Rudolf Wernli) Susten, CH; initial member (May 2005)

Source files are exchanged by email, by use of the FTP-account at horo (/david) or by HTTP upload to the horo web account (/55xchg).

Personality of Nibor

In October 2005, Nibor got a fake personality. This became necessary to claim vouchers at DAZ and also to give us a general guideline about topics covered, quality of the works, mode of commenting on comments. David set up psychological attributes and Horo diced the final profile. Nibor has to be male since there are — at present — only males and it would be rather difficult to display the female view of things. Thus, Nibor is:

  • Full Name: Robin Nibor
  • Address: 23 Main Street, Liverpool, UK L49 6LG
  • Email: nibor@bluewin.ch (discontinued 2020)
  • Age: 38 (born 23.5.1967) [in 2005]
  • Language: Good knowledge of German and English, some knowledge of French
  • Masculinity (1=softy; 6=macho): 5 (very masculine without being a macho)
  • Culture (1=unaware; 6=knows everything): 4 (has a good overview of art and culture)
  • Religion (1=atheist; 6=zealot): 1 (he's an atheist)
  • Environmental Concerns (1=doesn't care; 6=environmentalist): 5 (very concerned, almost an activist)
  • Political Orientation (1=leftist; 6=rightist): 4 (in the middle with a tendency to the right)
  • Profession (1=artist; 6=salesperson): 3 (techie, undecided in which branch)
  • Employment (1=unemployed; 6=CEO); 2 (just another employee)
  • Opinions (1=none; 6=outspoken): 6 (very opinionated and outspoken)
  • Introversion (1=introverted; 6=extraverted): 3 (Martin Smith of Croyden)
  • Confidence (1=shy; 6=over-confident): 4 (quite confident of himself, very natural)
  • Mood (1=gloomy; 6=exalted): 6 (very enthusiastic, goes for the grandiose)
  • Down-to-Earth/Abstraction (1=materialistc; 6=fantastic): 4 (copes with still lifes and abstracts)
  • Psychology (1=stable; 6=unpredictable): 6 (unpredictable)
  • Perfectionism (1=bungler; 6=perfectionist): 6 (perfectionist)
  • Flowers (1=hates them; 6=lives in a botanical garden): 4 (quite likes them)
  • Computer Games (1=waste of time; 6=adicted): 2 (plays rarely)

Motto of Artwork

Starting with Robin #11, either a text or a concept with deep or shallow meaning is forwarded by either one and the other starts a new work adhering to the text or concept as it is understood and interpreted. The personality of Nibor is taken into account starting with Robin #12.

  © 2005 - 2021 by Horo Wernli.