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— Joint Venture Nibor – Projects: Robin # 1: Ruins —

Robin # 1: Ruins

v00: David

Initiated by: David. Date: May 2005.
Motto: None.
Bryce Source File Size: 0.6 MB


v01: Horo

Horo added lighthouse and two temples.
Bryce Source File Size: 1.2 MB.


v02: David

David changed sky, lighting, material on terrain and moved camera. He «ruined» the near temple and added a light shaft from Frozencry as lighthouse beam.
Bryce Source File Size: 1.6 MB.


v03: Horo

Horo added sailboat found on the Internet as a 3ds wireframe, inserted a creek left of the near temple, changed the material of the lighthouse, replaced Frozencrys light shaft by a volume spot that fades in the distance, not at the source.
Bryce Source File Size: 3.6 MB (delta 2.4 MB).


v04: David

David changed the sky completely and removed the light beam from the lighthouse. He added a ruin from DAZ3D in the left middleground and a leafless tree. At the foot of the near temple, grass and a flower were added. A crow from DAZ3D sits on a column, another one is airborne. Also, in the middle of the temple, a column stump was added.
Bryce Source File Size: 44.1 MB.


v05: Horo

Horo replaced the leafless tree near the ruin in the middleground by two trees. The text NIBOR in the Elder Futhark font (nordic Keilschrift) was added to a temple ruin beam and lit by a negative light to make it black. The beam had to be hollowed.
Bryce Source File Size: 44.5 MB (delta 1.2 MB).


v05 alternative: Horo

The sky was changed by removing a horizontal infinite spot and a light dome. The lighthouse beam was re-introduced. Dead end thread.
Bryce Source File Size: 43.0 MB.


v06: David

The sky was overwholed once again and some underbrush added below the trees near the ruin. Sails and wood of the sailship got new materials. The 1280 x 960 picture renders at David's in 2½ days.
Bryce Source File Size: 39.8 MB.



An apocalyptic sky complements the ruins. Horizon and near ruin form a cross, giving an uneasy feeling (square). The sailboat looks abondoned and the missing light beam from the lighthouse adds to the impression of a deserted, ruined place.


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