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— Joint Venture Nibor – Projects: Robin # 5: Cord —

Robin # 5: Cord

v00: David

Initiated by: David. Date: 21. June 2005.
Motto: None.
David made four spheres in wings, bridged them, did a bit of work on them as outlined in the sub making tut and added little windows too. He imported this, smoothed shape and bodged a few of them toghether and added an addaption of his concrete material (as used in the silo). Then he added a terrain and adapted it as per the canyon tut. And added his gritsone landsape mat. Then he added his macrel sky. David put in some water and added one of his water mats and then did a bit of optimising of the scene to bring the files size down from 50 MB to 14 MB.
Bryce Source File Size: 14.4 MB


v01: Horo

Horo created the background terrain, moved scene and camera to another position, slightly adjusted sun and set shadows softer, and finally added the lights in the dwellings.
Bryce Source File Size: 15.5 MB.


v02: David

David added another Wings3D building, moved the camera back, added cloud layers, changed atmosphere and lighting. Thhe picture format was changed as well.
Bryce Source File Size: 18.4 MB.


v03: Horo

Horo added hose or cable, made the tower an energy source and made an energy beam pointing to a far mountain. A triffle more bump to the water.
Bryce Source File Size: 12.3 MB.


v04: David

David tried to produce a more sympathetic sky for the colours in the image and removed Horo's power beam because it was mucking up the composition. Then, he added some saucers made in Wings3D in the same fashion as the habitats.
Bryce Source File Size: 31 MB.


v05: Horo

Horo changed the sky setting to pitch black and removed the flying saucers. One got a red emergency light and is half submerged in the water. Two moons were added.
Bryce Source File Size: 22.2 MB.


v06: David

David added some green in the clouds and applied DOF so that the near foreground got a bit out of focus.
Bryce Source File Size: 22.2 MB.



A SciFi scene with strange habitats connected by a cord to an even stranger power tower in a world with two moons.


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