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— Joint Venture Nibor – Projects: Robin # 7: Lighthouse —

Robin # 7: Lighthouse

v00: David

Initiated by: David. Date: August 2005.
Motto: None. Inspired by SmartPipe and making his own.
Bryce Source File Size: 2.4 MB


v01: Horo

Horo didn't know what to do with this. Since it was an experiment with a Flexpipe, a scheme to create bendable tubes with metaballs locked to a path David had figured out, Horo decided to take it for a tutorial.
So, Robin 7 went through quite some metamorphosis. The lighthouse is a free recource and was downloaded from The lighthouse is from http://www.free3d.de/start_nonflash.htm by Horo about a year ago and used by Horo in «Lost Periscope». The materials for rock and waves was taken from a material evaluation package by David (Advanced Shale and Combers from the DB_DAZpack1).
Bryce Source File Size: 36.5 MB.


v02: David

David upped the rez on the water and modified the mat, modified the mat on the rocks and the lighthouse and changed the sky significanlty and finally inserted a ring of lights around the base of the building.
Bryce Source File Size: 38.0 MB.


v03: Horo

Horo added clouds in form of a tilted cube and a negative light, then put on an underwater light.
Bryce Source File Size: 38.1 MB.


v04: David

David changed the materials around on the sea, and the terrains for rocks and sea. He also added a «white horses» terrain and a «spray» terrain to the mix to try and get it looking more like sea and less like a pond. And he added a light and a beam.
Bryce Source File Size: 38.2 MB.


v05: Horo

Horo added a lit buoy. We decided, that this will be it. Horo made the 1200 x 1600 render in 70½ houers, David will do the gamma correction for the final.
Bryce Source File Size: 38.2 MB.


v06: David

David did the gamma and contrast corrections on v05.
Bryce Source File Size: 38.2 MB.



A lighthouse in a stormy sea with a buoy. Strange — nice and elaborate as it may be, David and Horo are both not fully satisfied.


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