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— Joint Venture Nibor – Projects: Robin # 9: Keep Out! —

Robin # 9: Keep Out! (Both sSides)

v00: David

Initiated by: David. Date: 17. September 2005.
Motto: None.
Bryce Source File Size: 1.5 MB


v01: Horo

Horo added three aeroplanes that carry passenger to a sight seing tour around the rock.
Bryce Source File Size: 5.0 MB.


v02: David

David modified sky, added appropriate material to make terrain appear with bushes. Changed position and angle of nearest aircraft and changed cloud planes for a cube of fog.
Bryce Source File Size: 8.8 MB.


v03: Horo

Horo added 5 tribal huts from DAZ and changed format from landscape to portrait.
Bryce Source File Size: 51.1 MB.


v04: David

David included a bit of grass and generally admired the fact that it is nearly impossible to put anything else in without wrecking it.
Bryce Source File Size: 59.5 MB.


v05: Horo

Horo added a naked Vicky as chocolatebrown aborigin and a rusty fence.
Bryce Source File Size: 71.4 MB.


v06: David

David modified fence material, added «bombs» and smoke. Then he moved main cloud up a bit to avoid collision with the smoke.
Bryce Source File Size: 74.2 MB.


v07: Horo

Horo just exchanged the peaks of the fence by making them in Wings3S according to the tutorial «Alien Spores». He considers it done.
Bryce Source File Size: 75.3 MB.



Keep out of the military base and keep out of the tribal land.


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