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— Joint Venture Nibor – Projects: Robin # 17: Antarctic Camp —

Robin # 17: Antarctic Camp

v00: David

Initiated by: David. Date: 14 May 2006.
Motto (by Horo): Antarctic Camp.

David put in a sky, added a foreground terrain with material and an infinite glacial plane. He also put in a midground and distant terrain and added material to it.

Bryce Source File Size: 3.0 MB


v01: Horo

Horo created a derelict, deserted and abandoned camp on an elevated platform with container dwellings.
Bryce Source File Size: 8.7 MB.


v02: David

David removed Horo's containers and created new ones in Wings. The containers came from DAZ|Studio and the setup exploded whenever they were clicked on. Hence, they had to be removed. This bug could finally be repeated reliably. The problem was located in files started in a beta version of Bryce 5.5. It took Horo nearly four days to figure this out.
Bryce Source File Size: 9.5 MB.


v03: Horo

Horo moved camera and readjusted FOV, moved the camp out on the plane, then re-scaled, turned and adapted foreground terrain. He redid sky completely.
Bryce Source File Size: 12.8 MB.


v04: David

David added in a light at the camera to fill in a bit of ambient to compensate for the extreme sun position. He made a tower in Wings3D and rendered with DOF.
Bryce Source File Size: 13.3 MB.


v05: Horo

Horo made a new tower in Bryce, on the base of a triangle and made the sky more dramatic using two 2D-faces with real cloud photographs with a transparency setting. He decreased the sun disk intensity and the sun glow intensity.
Bryce Source File Size: 26.5 MB.


v06: David

David tweaked the terrain material to work with a lower light setting. He ditched DOF to work with the sharper mat. He increased the «ruggedness» and resolution of the nearest terrains. Then he lowered the camera and widened the shot for better compositional balance and to give the viewing angle a more «human» perspective. He then hid the sun, which was showing through the clouds slightly were it should not and put in an extra light to simulate more sun. Finally he changed the colour of the haze to be a better compliment to the cloud.
Bryce Source File Size: 55.9 MB.


v07: Horo

Horo added a weather baloon (with a light) and an aeroplane (DAZ3D Biplane with swimmers as ski replacements taken from airplane in Hexagon library). The biplane had wheels, which is inadequate for landing in such a place.
Bryce Source File Size: 80.0 MB.


v08: David

David put some light on the aircraft to make it more cinematic.
Bryce Source File Size: 80.1 MB.


v09: Horo

Horo added the pilot.
Bryce Source File Size: 80.2 MB.



Antarctic Camp


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